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Inception Reverse Bang is Back!

I want to thank everyone for taking part in yet another round! There were so many gorgeous works created and I hope you all had fun!

For those looking to take on another Inception related challenge the reverse bang has started a new round! In particular artists are needed and there are so many incredibly talented ones here.

Come and join i_reversebang.
A challenge where artists create and submit art. Writers claim a piece and write a story based on it.

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Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta

With that said I will see you all next round!
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Fic: Unravel - Bauble & Yjudaes

Title: Unravel
Author: bauble
Artist: yjudaes
Type: slash, forged het in a dream
Word Count: 15,000
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, references to past Arthur/OCs, mentions of offscreen Eames/OCs
Warnings violence, strong language, sexual content, roleplay, references to: murder (within a murder mystery game context), past child abuse, underage sexual activity. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here.
Summary: Arthur and Eames start working together to develop a dreamshare version of the murder mystery game Clue. As their relationship evolves, Eames is forced to confront issues he's been avoiding his whole life.

Link to fic master post: Here
Link to art master post: Here

fic -- in nobody's eyes but mine -- imprintofadream and gloriana

title: in nobody’s eyes but mine (nobody ever had a dream around here)
author: imprintofadream
artist: gloriana
type: slash, gen, background het; academic!au
word count: ~24000
rating: m
characters/pairings: arthur/eames; mal/dom; mentions of ensemble
warnings: mentions of past abuse/stalking; mature language; non-explicit sexual situations and thoughts.
summary: Arthur lives with his step-sister Mal and teaches literature at university level, and Eames is a pioneer in the academic field of Dream Imagery. When Eames takes an interest in Arthur's dissertation and Arthur takes an interest in Eames, they each have opportunities which hadn't been available to them before. But Eames disappears after pushing Arthur down a new path in his research that--with assistance from fellow professor Dom Cobb--captivates him a little too fully, and when it's all said and done, Eames makes off with the credit for the research and Arthur aims to get even by using everything he's learned. And he means everything.

link to fic masterpost: here
link to art masterpost: here
Snoopy, Woodstock

Fic - Rock N'Ception MockingJ91

Title: Rock N'Ception
Author: mockingj91
Artist: lick_j
Type: Crossover (RocknRolla), slash, minor het
Word Count: 27K
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, Archy/Eames, Ariadne/Arthur (one-sided), One Two, Johnny, Mumbles
Warnings Sexual content and dubcon, mention of RocknRolla canon character deaths, child abuse (RocknRolla canon), Drug use, Violence
Summary: ‘The permanent temptation of life is to confuse dreams with reality. The permanent defeat of life comes when dreams are surrendered to reality.’ ~ James Michener

When Archy believes Johnny is betraying him (like father like son), he doesn't waste any time employing a dream team to extract the truth. Even if Eames is no longer Handsome Bob, he never left his friends behind, not really. But even he's surprised when the new client turns out to be a man he swore he would never have any contact with again. Armed with his new job title of Extractor, Eames finds himself immersed back into the life he thought he was done with: The Wild Bunch. In the underbelly of London and its rats, the team (Eames, Arthur and Ariadne) struggle with reality…and what the hell is a RocknRolla anyway?

Link to fic master post: Collapse )
Link to art master post: Collapse )
Inception - Arthur/Eames

Fic - Reminders:Rockpools - quoshara & speak_me_fair

Title: reminders: rockpools (asleep like a dreamer)
Author: quoshara and speak_me_fair
Artist: speak_me_fair
Type: het, gen, slash
Word Count: 31,000~
Rating: R for language and violence
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, Dom/Mal
Warnings canon character death, violence, alternating pov, non-linear timeline, surprising xenophobia, series, origins, future-fic.
Summary: Third in the 'Reminders' series (found here at AO3). Following Dom's return to the game, coffee heists are planned, Dom gains some surprising insights into his past, and nothing is ever as easy as it seems when it comes to dreamshare.

Link to fic master post:here
Link to art master post:here

Fic - Love Me Not (Where Eames Isn't Gay) - shaemichelle

Title: Love Me Not (Where Eames Isn't Gay)
Author: shaemichelle
Artist: firefox1490
Type: Mostly gen, with slash
Word Count: 23k
Rating: 18A
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Eames, Minor OCs, Cobb, Ariadne
Warnings Violence, homophobia, adult content.
Summary: Eames had to remind himself to calm down; one kiss—fuck, they'd kissed!—was not a reason for a big gay panic. He genuinely wasn't homophobic, but he was genuinely a having-a-gay-man-date-and-kiss-me-phobic. He was anti-personally-actually-being-in-a-same-sex-relationship, as he felt most firmly straight men were.
Arthur was frowning, brow tight, and Eames's forging eye didn't fall for his attempting, casual tone. This had hurt Arthur; Eames could see it in the set of his shoulders and the way he couldn't look at Eames for more than a moment.
"I'm so sorry," Eames said uselessly. Arthur have a shakily little nod, running his fingers through his fringe. "I'm not—it's not a problem," he rambled. "I just don't. I'm not gay."

Link to fic master post: Love Me Not
Link to art master post: Love Me Not "Album" Cover

Fic: The Cypress Trees -- Spikeface & Adelaide_Rain

Title: The Cypress Trees
Author: Spikeface
Artist: Adelaide_Rain
Type: slash, AU
Word Count: 15,707
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, Fischer/Eames
Warnings explicit sexual content, some violent imagery
Summary: Mary Poppins AU. Eames, the child of Mary Poppins and Bert Eames, rebels against his mother and his heritage in the wake of his father's death by joining the military. He quickly becomes involved with the PASIV project, as well as Arthur Darling and Robert Fischer. But the past, Eames learns, is difficult to escape—even for someone who is practically perfect in every way.

Link to fic master post: here
Link to art master post: here

FIC: These Frameworks Labelled Home - valinorean/mruczanka

Title: These Frameworks Labelled Home
Author: valinorean
Artist: mruczanka
Type: slash
Word Count: ~15k
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, original characters
Warnings: none
Summary: Arthur is dead and someone needs to tell his family. Following a job that had gone terribly wrong, Eames heads to Arthur's childhood home to tell Arthur's family of his death when Cobb refused to do it. There, he finds solace with the people who loved Arthur as much as he did. Eames learns of Arthur's past, his life away from dreamshare, and, painfully enough, what might have been between them.
Author's Notes: This is my first time writing for Inception Big Bang (and only my second Inception fic) and I hope you all like it. BIG thank you to my betas kjp_013 and incandescent for all the help! Also to mruczanka for volunteering to pinch-hit art for my fic. Title is taken from a line in the song This is a firedoor never leave open by The Weakerthans. :)

Link to fic master post: AO3 | LJ
Link to art master post: here

(I'm sorry for the somewhat late post. It's already one day late here, but I think I still made it on the other side of the globe? :D)

Treasure Hunters International

Title: Treasure Hunters International
Author: mrsdstephens
Artist: Tsuminoaru
Type: Slash
Word Count: 16,361
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Robert (past relationship), Dom/Mal (in passing), Ariadne, Yusuf, Robert, Nash, Tadashi
Warnings: Strong language, sexual talk, extreme claustrophobia, near-drowning experience, cannon character death (not depicted)
Summary: Dom and Arthur were academic archeologists until Mal disappeared and Dom racked up enormous legal bills defending his innocence. Now they're treasure hunters looking for one big score to set them both for life. Enter Saito, who is in need of a team to locate a hundreds-year-old shipwreck and extract the goods from its innards. But they're going to need the help of Arthur's former rival, Eames, as well as gas chemist Yusuf and galley cook Ariadne, to pull this mission off with any success. Arthur is forced to confront a lot of misconceptions about Eames and to question his blind loyalty to Dom as they repeatedly find themselves in dangerous situations and are forced to learn to trust each other above all else.

Fic and art masterpost on AO3
Art masterpost on Tsuminoaru's journal